Glossary Entry: Zed, The Dangling

Both the destroyer and savior of Amercadia and, indeed, the rest of the civilized multiverse, according to the March Baptists and several other Christo-Zedian denominations. The faith of Christo-Zedians rests on the belief that Jesus (see: Terran Religions, Early) did indeed come again, as predicted in scripture, this time as a fellow named Zed. Zed was so dismayed at the condition of the planet (at the time called Earth) that he hung himself by his left foot from a fig tree for forty days and forty nights and then wasted the planet (see: Wasting, The Great). The upside of the The Great Wasting, at least according to Zedians, was that the planet was left with a small, homogeneous culture that quickly ceased looking at each other with suspicion, to look instead toward the stars for their enemies. Christo-Zedian fervor (specifically that of the March Baptists), more than any other factor, led to the expansionist era, when Amercadian pioneers began to leave their home planet to colonize planets in other systems.