Glossary Entry: Wax Zombies of the Noh Zone

Described as more of a “futuristic horror movie” than a work of speculative fiction, this best-selling novel by Hugo Award-winning author Ronnie Lee Ellis tracks the nefarious comings and goings of waxmeister Boris Hex and his mad sister Raquel, as they transform various galactic luminaries into mindless, wax-covered slaves, for the purposes of employing them in strange theatrical performances. Major themes include 1) the price of a life dedicated to art, 2) sibling rivalry, its costs and rewards, and 3) the madness that inevitably arises from the thwarted creative impulse. Not that the readers noticed any of that. The popularity of the novel has often been attributed to the public fascination with seeing their leaders and celebrities transformed into shambling monstrosities that are forced to “strut and fret” their marbec upon the stage in a very odd corner of the Multiverse. Wax Zombies of the Noh Zone was later made into the highly successful lasaround, WaxWorx, which spawned numerous (though less inspired) sequels.