Glossary Entry: Vale of Tiers

The 17 central levels of Recreation Station 97, with spoke-like avenues converging on a central hub of terraced balconies, offering a stunning view of adjacent tiers. The various levels are accessed by a system of Up-and-Down-See-Daisys®, running through the hub. Restaurants, bars, theatres, casinos and clubs dotting the spoke-like avenues and winding cross-streets cater to middle-income and working-caste spacers. Entertainers and asteroid miners, backwater bumpkins and professional gamblers, vacationing Teoman and off-duty Brigaders, mercenary proldiers and adventurous families looking for something new, all mix and mingle on the Vale of Tiers. A warning printed in the official Guide to the Galaxy’s 467 Rec Stations states, “When visiting the Vale of Tiers on Rec 97, walk in a determined manner. Try to look as though you know where you are going. Don’t look up. Don’t look down.” Sound advice, indeed! For those thinking of starting or moving a business to the Vale, lot prices on the hub, where one is likely to get the most walk-ins, are quite high. On the outer wheel, where views look out onto nearby (relatively speaking) stars, they are astronomical.