Glossary Entry: Twelve Ochs

Homestead of the prominent Medea family, in the territory of Seven Ochs, on New Wyoming, one of two inhabited planets in the Phoebus System (the other being Mitochondria), on the edge of the Last Frontier. Before the rebellion that ended the rule of PAHM Bajar and made the name Molly Medea a household word, the ranch at Twelve Ochs was primarily known for breeding the sturdy riding dogs known as Wyoming Walkers. After the destruction of krystal-rich neighboring planet Vaikuntha brought an abrupt end to the great war (and a new source of income to the Medea family), Twelve Ochs became the headquarters of Krystals ‘n’ Things, the manufacturing and import-export business that was supplied by the family krystal mining operation in the Mitochondrian Krystal Belt (formerly the planet Vaikuntha). Krystals ‘n’ Things continued to thrive, even after Mary Medea left a significant stake in the belt to hired asteroid miners in her last will and testament. Both the business and the ranch passed from Margaret Medea (Molly’s daughter, Mary’s mother and business partner) to her second husband, Geron Ti, then to Margaret and Geron’s daughter Maggie (AKA Verloona Ti), who sunk a good bit of the family fortune into her Temple of Beauty concern. The name Twelve Ochs seems to refer to a variety of tree found on a number of planets settled by Amercadians during The Expansion; a species of tree that could not possibly thrive on New Wyoming.