Glossary Entry: Ti, Verloona

(AKA Maggie Medea) Star-Hopping celebutante and Temple of Beauty founder, third granddaughter of Hera of the Revolution, Molly Medea. The daughter of Molly’s sole offspring, Margaret Medea, by Margaret’s second husband, Geron Ti, Verloona changed her name, legally, from the matronymic Medea, upon reaching the age of majority, though she had begun using her father’s name some cycles before. Upon Geron’s death, Verloona inherited the balance of her mother’s estate, which included the mining, manufacturing and export concern, Krystals ‘n’ Things, and the family ranch on New Wyoming, with its much smaller riding and racing dog breeding business. Verloona’s main interest continued to be her own brainchild, Temple of Beauty, though it is said that pursuit of pleasure came in a close second. (See: Medea, Maggie)