Glossary Entry: Star Mother

An Omegazonian triple Goddess, worshiped by tribeswomen on Omega 6 (See: Omega 6),  that is strikingly similar to Orakian and Pre-Amercadian (Old Terran) lunar deities (or deity, as they are claimed to be aspects of the same One Goddess). This is more than a little strange, as the Omega Disque has no moon. Legend has it that Trivia, Priestess of the Mother, walked down to Omega 6 on a tiny beam of starlight, bringing word of the Star Mother’s love to her women. Many generations later (or so legend has it), on the spot where said beam of starlight first touched the soil of the Omega Disque, either a) the mother descended to the disque and instantly gave birth to her Maiden-Daughter, or b) a seed of fire was planted in the fertile ground and quickly grew into a stalk of grain, which transformed into the Maiden aspect of the Goddess, depending on which (if any) version of the myth you ascribe to. Opinion as to which version is the correct version is fairly evenly split among the Omegazons (See: Omegazons), with Harvest games deciding which of the two versions will be the “official” version for that particular cycle. These much-beloved games include archery, swordplay and drinking contests. Whether born or grown, the Star Maiden (also called by her titles; Star Seed, Bow Bringer, Brew Swiller), eventually ascended into the void to take her place by her Mother’s side, shining in the night sky, though she is said to make the occasional visit home. The Hag, or third aspect of the Star Mother, manifests as an Elder of the Tribe, who is given the job of presiding over of funerary rites.