Glossary Entry: Spivey, Scooter Jean

Born in the low Acadian parishes of central Amercadia, Scooter Jean Spivey, AKA Lady Scooter Jean, Maiden Priestess of Phoebus, began life inauspiciously as a fish wrangler’s kid. At about age 5, she joined a local Wing of the Chickadee Guides and then, at age 7, blasted off into the wider Multiverse as a member of Moulting Wing. When the usual series of random and/or ill-fated events (depending on your point of view) took the wing to Rec Station 97, landing them there smack-in-the-middle of the terrifying Guide-Nappings of AE 140, Scooter’s wing-mates, Glynde and Sneaker, were “disappeared” by a mysterious woman in green. (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!) Rescued from a similar fate by none other than Glorianna of Phoebus, Scooter started happily down the path to Priestesshood. The wildly successful Ordering AnarchEra is her second book, the first being her memoir, Snatched into the Light.