Glossary Entry: Ribec

The smallest Standard Galactic Unit of Time that is useful in measuring most human activity, as in the phrase, “Be with you in a couple of ribecs!” There are 60(ish) ribecs in a martron, approximately 60 martrons in a marbec, and 25 marbecs in a malton unit (sometimes known as tounit, yesterunit, or nexunit, depending on said unit’s temporal relation to the present moment). Standard Galactic Units are based, roughly, on the New Terran Units that were adopted soon after the expulsion of Amercadia’s Eastern Hemisphere, once the implementation of the Eastern Matrix (see: Only Possible Recourse, Our) had added the extra marbec to the planet’s rotation and increased (almost doubled, in fact) the time it took for the moon to revolve around the planet. Even on planets on which the passing of time has little in common with that of Amercadia, either past or present, the terms “ribec” and “martron” are used to convey the passing of a very short amount of time, synonymous with “moment.”