Glossary Entry: Recreation Station 97

Arguably the most challenging (and by challenging, we mean CHALLENGING) of the 483 (at this printing) Recreation Stations in our Galaxy, perhaps in the whole settled Multiverse, Rec Station 97 is the schizophrenic stepchild of Mas Vegas, Club Neb, Uncle Bob’s Fantanimalland, Six Flags Over the Carp Nebula, and the after-hours orgy at the Bi-Cyclic Bargain Bliss Convention. Fun for the whole family… if your family has a high tolerance for chaos, a collective death wish, or runs a crime syndicate. Rec Station 97 has approximately (it changes) 213 levels, packed with parks, theaters, restaurants, bars, brothels, casinos, water parks, amusement parks, spas, hotels, life extension parlors, game arcades, and every other sort of pleasurable (or not so pleasurable) diversion you could possibly think of.

Rec Station 97

Recreation Station 97

Located closest to the station’s outer rings, the elite, upscale levels of the Station include, Blue Heaven (outermost and VERY pricey, contains Krystal Hills), Boardwalk, Park Place and Nouvelle Orleans. The most popular (and populous) levels are those on the Vale of Tiers, a mid-range series of 89 levels serving space-fevered travelers of the middle classes, Brigaders on leave, youngsters on First Jaunt, and (in the lower-middle tiers) anyone planning an assignation, either of the extra-relational or the financially recompensed variety. The lowest/inner levels of Rec 97, known as The Gutters, are inhabited by robots, droids, and a few less-than-savory humanoids who have learned to deal with life in the low gravity, high crime neighborhood. The operational word here is “deal.”