Glossary Entry: Montreal

1) A township in Acadian Amercadia (or Acadia, if you self-identify as Acadian), on the site of what is said to have been a great city of the same name, during the later centuries of pre-wasting Terra. 2) A mythical city, similar to Atlantis, Atlanta or Ys. 3) A revolving city-sphere in orbit around the planet Toulouse, the third planet of the Guernican System. 4) A subdivision La Belle Level of Recreation Station 34. 5) A province of the Nouvelle Orleans Level of Recreation Station 97, known for having semi-permanent residents of Acadian descent. Citizens of all the Montreals, whether mythic or actual, speak a form of the ancient language Fran├žais, the speaking of which has been shown to lead to nicotine addiction, sexual excess and an emotional state that could be best described as chronic ennui, a condition that is somewhat mitigated by the fact that these same citizens seem to imbibe an inordinate amount of sparkling wine.