Glossary Entry: Medea, Margaret

“Krystals n’ Things” magnate from New Wyoming  who first made a fortune mining Krystals (See: Krystals, Borinyum) from the belts of her home system (Phoebus), in partnership with her daughter Mary Medea. She then increased that fortune by peppering the civilized Multiverse with krystal-centered tchotchkes, such as Tone Kones and Mood Rings. Only daughter of Hera of the Rebellion Molly Medea, Margaret’s marriage to  freedom fighter Siegfried Siegfriedson produced two daughters, Mary and Molly Younger. A later marriage to space-hopping socialite Geron Ti produced one daughter, Temple of Beauty founder Verloona Ti (who eschewed the matronym Medea, in favor of her father’s surname).