Glossary Entry: Light Deprivation

A mental state somewhat akin to schizophrenia, though usually temporary in duration, and brought about by prolonged exposure to Borinyum Krystals. Light-deprived humanoids may exhibit any combination of the following symptoms: confusion, lightheadedness, auditory hallucinations, visual hallucinations, paranoia, dry mouth, numbness in the extremities, headaches and a physical sensation some describe as repeating full-body energy waves. The term Light Deprivation is a theological construct that came into use after Glorianna of Phoebus introduced the Krystal Light religion to the long-suffering miners of the Mitochondrian Krystal Belt. While not alleviating all of its symptoms, the new religion and its practices gave context to the manifestations of Light Deprivation, so that its adherents, or Beasties, might view the hallucinations as collective revelation, rather than personal hell. Viewed in this manner, the plague becomes a gift.