Glossary Entry: Guernica

Standard name for the fourth planet in the Guernican System; chosen home of the Guernican Art Squad, a cultural organization dedicated to the eradication of ill-conceived or poorly exectuted works of art. The planet’s original name (from expansionist times) is lost in obscurity. Every aspect of the planet, environment, geography, size, inclination on axis, et cetera, is in constant flux for various artistic reasons, except for its gorgeous (one could almost say “gaudy”) ring system, constructed by the “Return to Forever” Neo-Pre-Expansionist Movement (Cycle 6 AE) from the second, sixth and 12th planets of the same system. The rings are quite large and unstable, nudging into orbits of the third and fifth planets. The remaining planets of the system have been variously carved, reassembled, or vaporized into gaseous statements, except for the fifth planet which doesn’t actually exist except as a concept in the mind of Ann Ominous, a nonverbal conceptual constructionalist and gun runner. A 13th planet was comissioned in Cyce 142 AE, by Kettle Black, the Art Squad’s self-proclaimed leader, but work was abandoned when the artist, after a particularly bad week, sunk into an 18-cycle slough of despond with accompanying  creative block. The planet name, as well as the name of its sun and various orbiting objets d’art, is constantly changing according to the whim of the inhabitants; names like “Red” or “Spike” or “Crystal Palette of the Aethric Plane.” The name Guernica is used in this definition and all major star charts, since it was the first post-IER planetary name. You will find other names for the Guernican System on star charts designed on Guernica, but the editors strongly suggest such charts be used strictly as conversation pieces, as they have absolutely no reference to reality as we know it. Pretty, though!