Glossary Entry: Griivarr Worlds, The

Eight planets in the Tevalt, Grubsteak, and Yesteryear Systems, on the edge of the Last Frontier. These planets were bought, developed and are now managed by Brzzzt Oomph Burble “You can call me BOB” Griivarr, under the auspices of Griivarr Interprises, Inc. and their government and culture is based on the philosophy put forward in the galaxy-shattering tome Bob Griivarr’s Simple Recipe for Happiness. Griivarr’s joy-producing recipe included “ingrediants”  such as meaningful work, membership in a cohesive community and opportunity for displaying unselfish concern for one’s neighbors. The Griivarr Worlds and their capital cities are as follows: Hon Grii (Hon Ober), Nyren Var (Varr Enov), Un D’ Varr (Varr Aut), Ve D’ Varr (Varr Niss), Tu Varr (Hao Varr), Grii Dii (Neer Enov), Varr Var (Yaway) and D’ Varrthest (Varr Anaway).