Glossary Entry: Griivarr, Dwannyun of

Eldest son of famous self-help author and Griivarr Worlds Head of State, Bob Griivarr. Dwannyun “Bulldog” Griivarr, the semi famous historian, washed out in several fields of endeavor (Amercadian Space Brigader, stand-up comic, minion of evil) before finding his way, first as a crewman on the U4F Harpy, later as a professor of history. One might speculate that his position on the Harpy placed him in the perfect spot from which to view, and later to reflect upon, certain pivotal events leading up to The Great Change, thus paving the way for his later career. Dwannyun of Griivarr, MA, PHD, PFF, BSH, BXM, PGMSSB, Historian Emeritus of Griivonia College, University of Griivarr, Hon Ober, Hon Grii, Griivarr Worlds, would go on to pen dozens of books, including Musings on the Events Leading Up to the Great Change and Of Playgrounds and Pecking Orders, his history of the rocky relationship between the Rocket Rangers (see: Rocket Rangers) and the Galactic Girl Guides (see: Galactic Girl Guides), told through his personal relationship with former Hawk Class Guide, Brucilla the Muscle.