Glossary Entry: Glorianna of Phoebus

Mitochondrian High Priestess  and Head of State. Glorianna rose to prominence in the Phoebus System during the early 90s AE, around the same time that the miners of Mitochondria’s Krystal-rich asteroid belt received the shares in their own mines, willed to them by Mary Medea (see: Medea, Mary). Elected by popular vote, Prime Minster Glorianna is credited with giving the Phoebus System miners a spiritual context with which to understand and control the mental disturbance known as Light Deprivation, a result of spending too much time down holes full of Krystals (see: Krystals, Borinyum).  Devotees of Glorianna’s religion, or Beasties (see: Beastie), worship Glorianna as a demigoddess. Anyone who’s ever spent any time in a Krystal mine knows why.