Glossary Entry: Glorianna of Phoebus

Mitochondrian High Priestess¬† and Head of State. Glorianna rose to prominence in the Phoebus System during the early 90s AE, around the same time that the miners of Mitochondria’s Krystal-rich asteroid belt received the shares in their own mines, willed to them by Mary Medea (see: Medea, Mary). Elected by popular vote, Prime Minster Glorianna is credited with giving the Phoebus System miners a spiritual context with which to understand and control the mental disturbance known as Light Deprivation, a result of spending too much time down holes full of Krystals (see: Krystals, Borinyum).¬† Devotees of Glorianna’s religion, or Beasties (see: Beastie), worship Glorianna as a demigoddess. Anyone who’s ever spent any time in a Krystal mine knows why.