Glossary Entry: Galactic Girl Guide Mobile Campground and Headquarters

A huge Krystal-driven station-ship that houses the offices of the 3G Rotating Leadership, as well as a fully functioning campground, built by Griivarr Interprises, Inc., and paid for with annual dues from the 5,300,487 Galactic Girl Guide wings. The acquisition of the 3GMCH at a discounted price (see: Griivarr Interprises Stock Slump of AE 96) was a real coup for the organization, as having a camp and headquarters that is also a station-ship allows the Guides to schedule events in different parts of the known universe, while avoiding the related (some might say, “inevitable”) legal difficulties, somewhat like a moving craps game. Sporting a very realistic simulated sky, tuned to old Terran day/night sequence, the campground includes seven large lakes, 37 water slides, archery and blaster ranges, five NATURE ® trails, 53 Guide-knotted rope bridges, 18 go-can tracks, and a state-of-the-art obstacle course that rivals that of the Amercadian Space Academy (see: Mysterious Course Looting of AE 99, the). There is a camp canteen where the practice of filching skills is encouraged, an Indoor Games Lodge where three-card monty and other games of chance may be played, and a Motorpool where campers learn the invaluable art of hotwiring “abandoned” ships. The seven million and some odd scenic campsites are decorated with attractive and long-lasting Plant-y-Pals, a premium foliage substitute designed, manufactured and supplied by GII. All maintenance and repairs on the 3GMCH are done through Merry Mechs, a repair service company founded and run by former Guides. It is rumored that all parts and upgrades used on the 3GMCH “fell from the holds” of Merry Mechs ships on their way to other jobs, allowing Merry Mechs to service the campground for an extremely reasonable price. The 3G Mobile Campground is the preferred site for the annual Guide/Ranger Camporee (see: Guide/Ranger Camporee, the Annual) and Soup-Can Derby.

Galactic Girl Guide Mobile Campground

3G Mobile Campground and Headquarters