Glossary Entry: D.O.G. Years

An acronym for Dubious Orbits of Gem, D.O.G. Years, as a measure of time, are used on New Wyoming and several other inhabited planets of the Last Frontier. Gem, as you no doubt know, was the popular name for Vaikuntha, the Krystal-rich planet used as a base and center of mining operations by IER CO forces during the latter days of the Stagnation (see: Stagnation, the Great). During the Revolution, it was shattered by Rebel forces hoping to deprive P.A.H.M. Baiar {see: Dictator, the Dread) of the only fuel capable of powering the Krystal-driven thru-ships used by his IER CO Cherubim. The strategy succeeded and the Revolution ended. The remains of Vaikuntha became part of the Mitochondrian Krystal Belt of the Phoebus System, which was owned and mined primarily by the Medea family of New Wyoming until AE 93, when it was willed to the Krystal miners and their families by one Mary Medea, eldest daughter of Krystals ‘n Things magnate Margaret Medea. After the Revolution, New Wyoming and several nearby planets dropped the Standard Cycle as their official “year” and adopted D.O.G. Years, as a tribute to the planet whose Krystal deposits had made the families of the Last Frontier rich beyond their wildest dreams. Since Vaikuntha/Gem no longer exists, an exact measure of the length of its orbits is dubious.