Glossary Entry: Casino Cards

Yet another version of the Gold Card® used by very wealthy patrons of the 483 (at this printing) Recreation Stations in our Galaxy, for the purpose of Walking On®. Casino Cards® were first issued by The Dome, Recreation Station 97, as a perk for their High Rollers. The cards are leased by The Dome from Swell’s Bells®, the company that developed this mode of transport and has guarded the technology fiercely for the last 89 cycles. The Dome defrays part of the tremendous cost of this service by placing their Walking On Depot® in the club’s Freebetters’ Room and allowing their customers to place bets on “who’ll materialize next.” It is doubtful that Walking On® will ever replace Krystal-driven starships as the primary means of transportation in the galaxy, as the cost is prohibitive.