Glossary Entry: ArcheOrganaApocolypsla

By all accounts the worst play ever produced, ArcheOrganaApocolypsia traces the humanoid race from its humble beginnings to its predicted destruction (see: Brand New Testament). Each performance lasted a full nargon and was presented in three acts: The Creation, The Duration, and The Devastation. The play was written by playboy theologian Brother Anthony Quantis, ex-member of the Brothers of the Dangling Zed, a heretical Christo Zedian sect. It was rewritten and staged by well-known director Sambo Thrace-Smythe. In the words of Onus Wren, renowned theatre critic “A futile exercise in intellectual autoeroticism. Better by far had he (Thrace-Smythe) inserted a trisone injectable into his left ear.” ArcheOrganaApocolypsia resulted in the financial devastation of anyone even slightly involved with the production and, less directly, the deaths of the Troikani actors, Personus/Ex/Mahkina, and the well-known director Sambo Thrace-Smythe.