Glossary Entry: Andromedicones

A self-propagating race of androids, capable of independent thought. Each Andromedicone serves a tour of duty in order to repay her or his builders for the expense of building him or her. S/he may be leased out for the 20-cycle term, or spend the time on Medi-18 building more Andromedicones. In Cycle 3 (SET), a peevish Mediconian faction with beady little eyes set on dreams of empire, emigrated to Vercadia and began the manufacture of the incredibly dangerous and incredibly expensive Vercadian Protector Androids, thus giving the Mediconian race a name less than MUDD ®. (See: MUDD ®)


AL Series Andromedicones

According to some sources, the participation of Andromedicones in the Droid Wars, though they served only as medics and support to human allies, was a deciding factor in its positive outcome. To this malton unit, each and every Andromedicone devotes one of its seven communication frequencies to the repetitive chanting of a verse honoring the humans who fought for Cyberforms in the wars.