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  • Qua-Credit

    1) A small unit of currency, having exactly one fourth the worth of a standard galactic credit (see: credits, standard galactic); 2) a small, round, titanium alloy coin, bearing the letters AE and the image of an exploding planet (see: Vaikuntha), and minted shortly after the overthrow of PAHM Bajar (see: Dictator, the Dread); 3) a tiny, almost worthless amount of credit (cabbage, moolah, gelt, macoy); an amount of credit that is worth many thousands of, but never less than,  9,337 Bajar Shillings (see: Bajar Shilling).

    Quasar Ray

    The quasar ray, more commonly “beam,” is a coherent wave weapon, outlawed in most parts of the civilized Multiverse. Much has been said about its color. Needless to say, if you’re far enough away from a discharged quasar ray to see its color, a luminous red, you probably aren’t dead. And in this case, far enough away is very far indeed. During the later cycles of AnarchEra a dispute broke out among the literati, centered around the last two lines of Galatia 9’s poem “Georgie Porgie,” from her book Rhymes Times Nine, with the more sensible critics insisting that Georgie Porgie could not possibly have been blown away “with a quasar ray,” without it taking out his planet and half its solar system with him.