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  • Palmer, Harry

    Proldier, Hero of the Revolution, and Bartender/Owner of the Sailor’s Grave, Vale of Tiers, Recreation Station 97. Credited by some for shattering the planet Vaikuntha into what would become the Phoebus System Krystal belt, thereby ending the war that would oust dictator PAHM Bajar. Palmer would go on to serve in the droid wars, fighting on the side of Cyberforms. Harry Palmer is said to have been one of the architects of the Tri-Clone invasion.


    A relatively famous triad of Troikani actors (see: Troikani), or actor, as it takes the hearts, minds and souls of at least three Troikani to make even one respectable psyche. The ritual suicides of Personus/Ex/Mahkina (circa AE 132) and the ensuing public outcry, caused the well-known director Sambo Thrace-Smythe to disappear from the galactic scene for nearly nine cycles. The suicide itself, a protest born  of  creative differences between the triad and Thrace-Smythe during the rehearsal and run of the play ArcheOrganaApocolypsia, received mixed reviews.

    Pico, Nick “The Geezer”

    Nick "The Geezer" Pico

    Nick “The Geezer” Pico

    Nicholas Pico, known galaxy-wide as Nick the Geezer, made a killing keeping people alive and perpetually youthful (at least, appearance-wise) with his patented Running In Place® process, the most popular means of life extension ever. Even the Great RIP Scandal of 141—the story of which was famously broken by Rootersnoos ferret (and infamous RIP addict) Jimmy the Snout for Rec Station Noos—could dampen the public’s demand for pay-per-jolt youth. But Running In Place® was not to be Nick’s only moolah-making brainchild. Though they generate pocket change, when compared to his first venture, Nick’s Land-o-Nod® Dream Enhancement Parlors are ubiquitous on the 557 Rec Stations and, indeed, throughout the settled Omniverse. The Land-o-Nod® gaming system allows players to enter, armed and conscious, into their own dreams, in order to battle their psychic demons.


    1) A small (relatively speaking),  immature, domesticated canid; Canis familiaris. 2) The childhood diary of Indira Lucrezia Ronnie Lee Ellis Bajar, better known to the civilized Multiverse as SF writer Ronnie Lee Ellis, published posthumously as “Dear Puppy,” with the subtitle, “The Secret Diary of Ronnie Lee Ellis.”

    Putty Mongers

    A slang term for purveyors of Pleasure Putty®, or any other living, but non-sentient sexual aid. Pleasure Putty is a product of BARGAIN BLISS® (a division of LIVING DOLL CYBERNETICS®, the branch of that company spe­cializing in the development and mar­keting of non‑sentient “love toys”), though there are knock-off products available from other companies, notably Handy Andi’s lower priced Phlubber®.

    Putty Mongers

    Bargain Bliss Salespersons