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  • Nargon

    A Standard Galactic Unit of Time, the Nargon is roughly (usually just a tad more than) 1/6th of a Standard Cycle and is comprised of 30(ish) Malton Units.

    Neuter Booter

    One who copulates or would enjoy copulating with a non-sentient and/or genderless creature or substance. The expression came into vogue, early this Era, shortly after PIeasure Putty®, a product of Bargain Bliss® (a division of Living Doll Cybernetics®, a company specializing in the development and marketing of non-sentient “love toys”), appeared on the market. The spearhead of the ad campaign that launched Pleasure Putty® onto the Galactic Scene was the slogan, “Why boot something with a mind of its own?” The derogatory term “neuter booter” was, for those who thought they had better things to boot, a way of lashing back at those who kept Bargain Bliss in business and the slogan on the airwaves.

    Neutral Zones

    During the Expansionist Era, the first Neutral Zone was declared shortly after two Amercadian Scouts were lost in the vicinity of Barnard’s Star. The last recorded communication from the ship (the Beaver) still echoes, echoes, echoes down the hollow arm of Father Time…

    Rongschilde: Sure is quiet…?
    Jones: Yeah…too quiet.

    By the early days of IER-CO, any slice, hunk, wedge or space of space deemed responsible for three verified disappearances of sentient beings became a lawfully designated Neutral Zone. Verification Recordings, Neutral Zone 8:

    1) “It’s amazing! It’s FANTASTIC!!! It’s… it’s…” (static)
    2) “I see a… l see… I…” (static)
    3) “These reports musta been fakes. This place is as safe as a…” (static)

    As the concept of Neutral Zones caught on, some beings found it convenient to augment the ruling to fit other situations. Areas of dispute plagued by border wars (where there was no real profit motive) soon became Neutral Zones, saving wear and tear on the Borderees. This ruling was enforced by Expansionist and, later, IER-CO authorities, in an effort to quiet troubled trade areas. Toward the end of the Stagnation, PAHM Bajar began an experiment using Vercadian Protector Androids to defend the Zones. During the early AnarchEra cycles (when, for all practical purposes, there were no authorities), the incredibly expensive Vercadian Protector Androids became the chief means of enforcing Neutral Zones. If you were rich enough to have a droid, you could have a Zone.


    A late, unfinished and unpublished (or, at least, never officially published) novel of Hugo Award-winning author Ronnie Lee Ellis, Newniverse tracks the adventures of conjoined twins Phaleef and Elron as they attempt to create a new universe (see: Multiverse, Minor Divisions of the) by finding and entering an anomaly called Looking Glass, which legend asserts is a portal to previously unclaimed Multiversal real estate. Early chapters of the book were unearthed (or devoided) by Rootersnoos ferret Jimmy the Snout, with portions made public in his well-received docudrama, Where in the Multiverse is Ronnie Lee Ellis? Shortly after Miz Ellis’s unexplained departure from Everywhere, a book entitled Newniverse, with introduction by Jimmy the Snout, became a pan-galactic bestseller. The estate of Ronnie Lee Ellis and the Cloistered Order of the Cosmic Veil (who received the bulk of the estate, when Miz Ellis was declared dead by the Writers Guild of Amercadia North) filed suit against the publisher, Mindz Eye Books, claiming that neither they nor Miz Ellis had ever given Mindz Eye the rights to publish the work. Furthermore, they claimed the later chapters of the book had been written by an uncredited ghost that had not been vetted by the estate. Called as a witness in the resulting civil trial, Jimmy the Snout testified that he had, in fact, never written the introduction credited to him at the beginning of the book. The court found in favor of the plaintiffs and required the publisher to pay the sum of 560,000,000 standard galactic credits.