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  • Magneto Boy Light-Seeking Torpedoes

    What it says. The Magneto Boy Light-Seeking Torpedo homes in on any light-emitting target, hauls ass after it, attaches itself and clings onto either its force shield or hull, absorbs the target’s energy until it builds sufficient force, then explodes, destroying either the target or its force shield. Mmm-mmm good!

    Magneto Boys in Original Box

    Magneto Boys in Original Box

    Maiden, The

    The maiden or virgin aspect of any one of several triadic goddesses, most notably the Maiden known as Bow Bringer, divine daughter of the Star Mother (See: Star Mother), chief deity of the Omegan Amazons (See: Omegazons).

    Malton Unit

    A Standard Galactic Unit of Time, the Malton Unit contains 25 marbecs, each one  of which contains approximately 60 martrons, each one of which contains 60(ish) Ribecs. Simply put, the Malton Unit contains, roughly, the same amount of time that it takes the planet Amercadia to revolve once on its axis… sort of. Standard Galactic Units are loosely based on the New Terran Units that were adopted soon after the expulsion of Amercadia’s Eastern Hemisphere, once the implementation of the Eastern Matrix (see: Only Possible Recourse, Our) had added the extra marbec to the planet’s rotation and increased (almost doubled, in fact) the time it took for the moon to revolve around the planet.




    March Baptist

    Probably the wealthiest Christo-Zedian Denomination in the inhabited universe, the proselytizing March Baptists can be traced back to Pre-Expansion Amercadia (then Earth). Their faith rests on the belief that Jesus (see: Terran Religions, Early) did indeed come again, as predicted in scripture, this time as a fellow named Zed. Zed was so dismayed at the condition of the planet (Earth) that he hung himself by his left foot from a fig tree for forty days and forty nights (see: Zed, The Dangling) and then wasted the planet (see: Wasting, The Great). He did, however (and this is where the Baptists differ from their fellow Zedians), relent and send his gospel, The Brand New Testament, to the survivors (The Faithful) through his prophet, Jim the Baptist. In the book of South Carolinians 1:35, Zed gives to his followers his famous 27 AMENDMENTS to the 10 COMMANDMENTS of Moses (Old Testament). The first seven of these are: 1) Thou shalt wear brown shoes, 2) Thou shalt purport thyself in commodious and seemly ways at all times, 3) Thou shalt talk louder than anyone else in the room, 4) Thou shalt leaveth thy door open by six inches and keep thy best foot on the floor at all times, 5) Thou shalt not be surprised by anything the Lord Thy Zed doeth unto thee, 6) Thou shalt button thy top button in the presence of thy neighbors, 7) Thou shalt March faithfully and without hesitation into the Heavens. The March Baptists took the Seventh Amendment quite literally. After the Unification, the March Baptists did more for the push into space than any other Amercadians. March Baptists researchers developed ships and weapons, March Baptist workers built them, wealthy March Baptists financed the work. They poured credits and human fodder into the new Amercadian Space Brigade. They were not among the first to go into space, however. During simulated flights it was found that non-Baptist crewmembers (the majority) developed a tendency to repeatedly bash the heads of the March Baptists into large metal objects after only a few marbecs’ confinement in the small (by our standards) ships. Only after they began to build and launch their own mission-ships were March Baptists able to realize their god’s commandment. As of this writing, the March Baptists have missions on 938 planets and free-floating temples EVERYWHERE.

    Straight-Backed March Baptists in Straight-Backed Chairs

    Straight-Backed March Baptists in Straight-Backed Chairs

    Their Galactic Headquarters, the Peace Free Will Missionary Tabernacle of the Stars, is a wonder to behold. They have been responsible for a goodly number of civil wars and religious revolutions (including the Onolo Dos Actions of AE 101 that effectively put an end to the planet’s rebellion against the rule of Seven Planets). Their most Charismatic evangelist, Brother Bud, has the distinction of being the most often misquoted being in the inhabited universe. The following is his most misquoted quote: “Self-sacrifice, unless it’s God-Almighty motivated, is like plasma-powered poot. A lot of energy goes into it, but what do you get out of it in the long run?”

    Mark 7 Dreadnaught Planet-Splitter

    Not your run-of-the-mill ray and oh-so-much-more blast power than the average Hyon Beam, the Mark 7 Dreadnaught Planet-Splitter is the ultimate in ass coverage, its name meaning, literally, “to fear not.” The M7DP-S is the love-child of the IER-CO-era SMITE System, standard on all Seraphim Flyers, and the lethal yet energy-efficient Hull-Gutters favored by U4F Freelance Fighters. It can gut, slice, dice, fry or frappe an enemy vessel, before you can say “Up the Brigade’s!”


    A Standard Galactic Unit of Time, the Martron is equal to 60(ish) Ribecs, with approximately 60 martrons in a marbec and 25 marbecs in a malton unit. Standard Galactic Units are based, roughly, on the New Terran Units that were adopted soon after the expulsion of Amercadia’s Eastern Hemisphere, once the implementation of the Eastern Matrix (see: Only Possible Recourse, Our) had added the extra marbec to the planet’s rotation and increased (almost doubled, in fact) the time it took for the moon to revolve around the planet. Even on planets on which the passing of time has little in common with that of Amercadia, either past or present, the terms “martron” and “ribec” are used to convey the passing of a very short amount of time, synonymous with “moment.”

    Mastering Dream Enhancement Games

    Written by Intersolar Protoarchetypal Id-Imex Level Touchémento Champion Virgil H, the three-volume tome Mastering Dream Enhancement Games is not only the go-to reference for all things DEG, but is  valued throughout the civilized Multiverse as a how-to manual for would-be heroes, despots and captains of Interprise.

    Medea, Maggie

    (AKA Verloona Ti) Daughter of Margaret Medea and second husband, Geron Ti, one of three granddaughters of Hera of the Revolution, Molly Medea. Upon reaching the age of majority, Maggie dropped both the family name Medea, as well as her given name Maggie, in favor of her father’s surname and her childhood nickname. Under the name Verloona Ti, she founded the lucrative Temple of Beauty concern.

    Medea, Margaret

    “Krystals n’ Things” magnate from New Wyoming  who first made a fortune mining Krystals (See: Krystals, Borinyum) from the belts of her home system (Phoebus), in partnership with her daughter Mary Medea. She then increased that fortune by peppering the civilized Multiverse with krystal-centered tchotchkes, such as Tone Kones and Mood Rings. Only daughter of Hera of the Rebellion Molly Medea, Margaret’s marriage to  freedom fighter Siegfried Siegfriedson produced two daughters, Mary and Molly Younger. A later marriage to space-hopping socialite Geron Ti produced one daughter, Temple of Beauty founder Verloona Ti (who eschewed the matronym Medea, in favor of her father’s surname).

    Medea, Mary

    Mary Medea

    Mary Medea

    Granddaughter of Hera of the Rebellion Molly Medea. Daughter of “Krystals n’ Things” magnate Margaret Medea and freedom fighter Siegfried Siegfriedson. Mary Medea served as a soldier in the Rebellion, then went on to fight on the side of Cyberforms in the Droid Wars. She is credited with having been one of the architects of the Tri-Clone Invasion. With partner Anderson Grommit, Medea founded and co-owned Living Doll Cybernetics®, a company that specialized in the design and manufacture of Pleasure Droids.

    Medea, Molly

    Either one of two, well-known Molly Medeas; 1) renowned Hera of the Revolution, Molly Medea, or 2) Molly Younger, also known as Galatia 9, the elder Molly’s granddaughter, from her daughter Margaret, by Siegfried Siegfriedson. Sentients from all corners of the Multiverse (and there are oh-so-many corners) have remarked upon the astonishing resemblance between these two Molly Medeas, a resemblance remarkable even for members of the same family. Aside from twins, of course, and with exceptions for those races that reproduce parthenogenetically or asexually.

    Mind Spiders from the Planet Xenon

    A hugely popular Hugo Award-winning book from author Ronnie Lee Ellis, Mind Spiders from the Planet Xenon changed the course of many, many lives. Trust us on this.


    a) A tiny, unpleasant desert planet to which GHMM Bajar was exiled, with the remains of his family, upon the downfall of the Incorporated Elysian Republic (which was neither a paradise, nor a republic); b) the capital planet of Seven Planets; c) corporate headquarters for United Free Trade Planets, Inc; d) the shining jewel in Crown and Scepter, Ltd. (See: Crown and Scepter, Ltd.); e) all of the above.


    1) A membrane-enclosed organelle, found in most eukaryotic cells, that generates adenosine triphosphate, a source of chemical energy. 2) One of two inhabited planets in the Phoebus System, on the inner edge of the Last Frontier, the other being New Wyoming, though the name “Mitochondria” is sometimes used to refer to both the planet and the nearby Krystal-rich asteroid belt. For most of its history an unpleasant ball of rock and ice, this fifth planet of the Phoebus System rates a “must see” from the Starhopper Tours Traveler’s Companion. After its neighboring planet, Vaikuntha, was blown to smithereens (or at least into many Krystal-bearing asteroids) at the end of the Revolution, Mitochondria became the base of mining operations for the new Mitochondrian Krystal Belt, though the planet itself could hardly be called hospitable.

    Mitochondrian Krystal Belt

    Mitochondrian Krystal Belt

    The planet stayed inhospitable for the next 90-odd cycles. Once the Krystal miners were united under the new Glorianan religion, the planet became the seat of their new government. Needless to say, the government has spent a pretty penny spiffing the place up. Tourists visiting any planet in the Phoebus System should be sure to pick up at least one of the redundantly named, but absolutely fabulous Mitochondrian Krystal Belts.


    1) A township in Acadian Amercadia (or Acadia, if you self-identify as Acadian), on the site of what is said to have been a great city of the same name, during the later centuries of pre-wasting Terra. 2) A mythical city, similar to Atlantis, Atlanta or Ys. 3) A revolving city-sphere in orbit around the planet Toulouse, the third planet of the Guernican System. 4) A subdivision La Belle Level of Recreation Station 34. 5) A province of the Nouvelle Orleans Level of Recreation Station 97, known for having semi-permanent residents of Acadian descent. Citizens of all the Montreals, whether mythic or actual, speak a form of the ancient language Français, the speaking of which has been shown to lead to nicotine addiction, sexual excess and an emotional state that could be best described as chronic ennui, a condition that is somewhat mitigated by the fact that these same citizens seem to imbibe an inordinate amount of sparkling wine.


    1) Everything there is. 2) The whole shebang. 3) In spiritual terms (see: Mumbo Jumbo), the whole She-Bang, or everything born of the Great Mother at the beginning of Time. The word Multiverse is sometimes used interchangeably with the word Universe, sometimes to differentiate between our own finite universe and the collective ALL, in which an infinite number of universes – existing beside, above, beneath, beyond and through our own – are connected, one to all others, in an eternal web of existence.



    Multiverse, Civilized

    Any part of the multiverse that you, yourself, live in, as opposed to that part of the Mutiverse that “they” live in. Sometimes used interchangeably with the term “settled Multiverse.”


    An information storage unit made of Borinyum Krystal, Type 23, and so named due to its shape; that of a pyramid.

    Krystal Myd

    Krystal Myd


    The encapsulated consciousness of a member of any number of Android Lines, as programmed into Borinyum Krystal, Type 23, and either attached through a connection in the head or headgear of the Droid, or (as is the case with Andromedicones) implanted into its skull. After connection or implantation, the Type 23 Krystal in the Myd-Cap continues to be written on by the life experience of the individual Droid and, some say, by the collective experience of the Droid’s entire line.



    Mystic Nyts of the Sea

    A stage name used by certain theatrically inclined Aguatunesian empaths, Mystic Nyts of the Sea is a registered trademark of Uncle Bob’s Fantanimalland, a hugely popular theme park in Hon Ober, on Hon Grii, Griivarr Worlds.

    Mystic Nyts

    Mystic Nyts

    Visitors to the park’s Aguacade are invited to feed the Nyts with processed food pellets, which must be won by catching a hard-to-grasp floating ring, after which they may “think a question” to the performing Nyts. The Nyts then swim into patterns that spell out the words of the answer. As the park’s humanoid patrons tend to think the same five or ten questions over and over again, ad nauseum, this miraculous feat of mind-reading is somewhat less remarkable than it would seem to the casual viewer. If traveling to Aguatunesia, it is important to note that Mystic Nyts of the Sea is not an Aguatunesian self-name recognized by any governing school of Aguatunesia. Most natives of the water world find the name slightly insulting.