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  • Handy Andi ®

    A company specializing in the design and manufacture of service and pleasure droids. Handy Andi is the largest such company in the Known Multiverse, though the most well-thought-of purveyor of pleasure droids is Living Doll Cybernetics.

    Heart Knox

    A prison for women on planet 007 in the heart of the Xychromo Zone, Heart Knox purportedly houses an unusual number of political prisoners, which is not so unusual, if you know anything about the Xychromo Zone. While classified as a maximum-security correctional facility, Heart Knox is, for many of the more troublesome prisoners, merely a stopover on their way to much harder time, usually served on an Omega Disque.

    Honest John’s Pawn Pit

    A rather infamous pawn shop in the Shallows section of the Gutters (see: Gutters), Recreation Station 97, billing itself as “Last Chance 4 Cash, Before You C Life Dealers!” Patronized by incorrigible lowlifes and down-on-his-or-her-luckers, Brigaders on shore leave and Galactic Girl Guides looking to unload some recently acquired swag, Honest John’s is, for most spacing sentients, the next-to-last stop on a one-way shuttle to Nowheresville. Last stop being the aforementioned life dealers, of course.

    Hyon Beam

    Ionized Hydrogen Beam; a destructive  beam generated by a neutral particle beam weapon that ionizes hydrogen gas by allowing each hydrogen atom to capture an extra electron, so that the hydrogen molecules form anions. The weapon  accelerates anions by using a traveling wave-type particle accelerator, which releases negative ions inside a cylindrical chamber. When the chamber’s alternating electric charge is positive, the ions are attracted to the negative charge on the electrode, and thus gather around it. Then, the alternating voltage switches the charge to negative, electrostatically repelling the negative ions, thereby accelerating them to something close to the velocity of light. The resulting beam passes through a chamber filled with low pressure gas, where collisions with the gas strip the extra electrons from the anions, transforming the particle beam into a neutral Hyon Beam, which speeds to its target, and obliterates it by disrupting the target’s structure with kinetic energy. A word of advice: Don’t stand in front of one.