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  • Fabré, MaryAnn “Cookie”

    Crew member of the infamous Brigade Tiger “Mama Spank” and Gunnery Sergeant to Lieutenant Brucilla (call name “The Muscle”). Cookie Fabré was involved in the Neutral Zone Incident of AnarchEra 134 that resulted in the famous trial on Recreation Station 97.

    Factor, Randall

    (AKA Anderson Grommit) Proprietor of The Dome (Recreation Station 97), a founding partner of Living Doll Cybernetics®, and a hero of the Droid Wars, credited with having been one of the architects of the Tri-Clone Invasion. Randall Factor is a mover, a shaker, a big wheel, the man to see, when you need to see the man.


    1) a cold-blooded, aquatic vertebrate, having gills, usually fins, and, typically, an elongated body covered with scales; 2) to catch or attempt to catch said cold-blooded, aquatic vertebrate; 3) to search through or draw out, as by fishing; 4) any one of three shuttlecraft owned by Hugo Award-winning author, Ronnie Lee Ellis, and attached to her private ship, the Red Herring.

    Freebetters Room

    The VIP room of VIP rooms, part of the very upscale casino in The Dome, Rec Station 97, where Star-Hoppers, High Muckety-Mucks, and big-spending members of the Gold Card Class bet freely on the outcome of whatever war, skirmish, sporting event, chance meeting or random happening may be taking place in their vicinity or beyond. Fortunes have been lost, lives ruined, deals sealed and strange bedfellows made, as the dice keep rolling on and the chips continue to fall where they may. The Freebetters’ Room was built around The Dome’s WALKING ON DEPOT® and the club allows their customers to place bets on “who’ll materialize next” as a means to defray part of the tremendous cost of that service.