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  • D.O.G. Years

    An acronym for Dubious Orbits of Gem, D.O.G. Years, as a measure of time, are used on New Wyoming and several other inhabited planets of the Last Frontier. Gem, as you no doubt know, was the popular name for Vaikuntha, the Krystal-rich planet used as a base and center of mining operations by IER CO forces during the latter days of the Stagnation (see: Stagnation, the Great). During the Revolution, it was shattered by Rebel forces hoping to deprive P.A.H.M. Baiar {see: Dictator, the Dread) of the only fuel capable of powering the Krystal-driven thru-ships used by his IER CO Cherubim. The strategy succeeded and the Revolution ended. The remains of Vaikuntha became part of the Mitochondrian Krystal Belt of the Phoebus System, which was owned and mined primarily by the Medea family of New Wyoming until AE 93, when it was willed to the Krystal miners and their families by one Mary Medea, eldest daughter of Krystals ‘n Things magnate Margaret Medea. After the Revolution, New Wyoming and several nearby planets dropped the Standard Cycle as their official “year” and adopted D.O.G. Years, as a tribute to the planet whose Krystal deposits had made the families of the Last Frontier rich beyond their wildest dreams. Since Vaikuntha/Gem no longer exists, an exact measure of the length of its orbits is dubious.

    Dead Man’s Mirror

    An anomaly in Neutral Zone 8 that seems to change its physical attributes depending on the angle and velocity at which a spacecraft approaches, sometimes becoming a slippery, wok-shaped slide, at other times manifesting as rock-like, diamond-hard “lumps” of space, beneath a deceptive, watery, mirror-like surface, or even, it has been said, becoming a portal to other destinations in the Multiverse (see: Gate, the). Though Neutral Zone 8 is officially off-limits to members of the Amercadian Space Brigade, taking a skate on the mirror is a challenge that has proved irresistible to generations of Amercadian Space Academy Cadets, even since the infamous Amercadian Space Brigade Neutral Zone Fiasco of AE 134. For hotdogs and heroes of every stripe, Dead Man’s Mirror is the pinnacle, risk-wise.

    Dead Man's Mirror

    Dead Man's Mirror

    Doll Maker, The

    A Hugo award-nominated book by Hugo Award-winning author Ronnie Lee Ellis. First released and marketed as a work of nonfiction under its original title, Slave Trader: An Unauthorized Biography of Mary Medea, the book tanked big time, ignored by the media and Miz Ellis’s fans alike. According to sources close to the Bajar family, Miz Ellis attributed the failure to the fact that, after Mary Medea’s death, the galactic citizenry lost interest in the descendants of revolutionary hera Molly Medea. A second attempt to sell the book as a nonfiction title (some cycles later and with several added chapters) under the name, Cult Leader: An Unauthorized Biography of Glorianna of Phoebus, achieved similar results. With this publication, Miz Ellis seemed to be trying to attach her work to the unsubstantiated rumor that Mary Medea and Glorianna of Phoebus were one and the same person, as G-of-P had only risen to prominence in the Phoebus System after Medea’s death.

    The Doll Maker, Cover

    The Doll Maker, Cover

    Conspiracy theorist loners aside, the public did not appear ready to jump on this particular bandwagon and rejected the book, en masse. Not to be deterred, Miz Ellis went back to the drawing board and began to turn her book into a work of fiction (though some say this wasn’t a great leap). She changed the names of the characters, added some plot and description, then published The Doll Maker to wide acclaim. The following is a brief synopsis of the plot of The Doll Maker from The Galactic Encyclopedia of Literature and Literature-Equivalents: “Wealthy krystal heiress and pan-galactic busybody Ariadne Josephs forms a company called Baby-Oh-Baby Dolls for the purpose of producing pleasure droids, which are then sent to destroy the children of her rival, ruthless business tycoon Vercingetorix Moses Hannibal Rajab McPhee. Through an overlong series of events, McPhee’s children, the brilliant Lucrezia and her mentally challenged brother Phaleef, turn the tables on Josephs, annihilating the sex droids and taking down the religious cult Ariadne has maintained to mask her various nefarious plots.”

    Double Death Commando

    A specialty of Harry Palmer, Bartender-Owner of the SAILOR’S GRAVE, Recreation Station 97. The Double Death Commando consists of two scoops of vanilla ice cream, High Colonian Vodka, menthol de menthe, extracts from certain poisonous tubers, a two-ribec zap of semi-inert positrons, and a one-quarter dose of pharmaceutical Kublacaine. The explosive reaction of the Kublacaine neutralizes the deadly effects of the organic poisons. Must be imbibed within 30 ribecs.

    Double Death Commando

    Double Death Commando

    Double Trouble

    1) An expression that means just what it says; 2) a Griivarr Worlds Holoshow about two clones who fall in love; 3) the theme song from the aforementioned Griivarr Worlds Holoshow, arguably the most irritating theme song ever written. (Lyrics follow.)

    Double Trouble, Double Dynamite,
    More trouble when they’re friendly,
    Than when they fight.
    Birds of a feather, they stick together.
    Trust me when I tell you,
    They’re more than tight.

    One’s retiring, the other bold.
    One’s inspiring, the other cold.
    How it happened, we just can’t say.
    Two crazy clones like night and day!

    Double Trouble, Double the fun.
    Two look-a-like lovers are better than one.
    Take Trouble and Double the critical mass,
    Get ten to the tenth the kick in the ass.

    Dream Enhancement Games

    A generic term for any number of personal and multi-player adventure games, designed for the Land-o-Nod ® gaming system,  which allows players to enter, armed and conscious, into their own dreams, in order to do battle with their personal demons. For some, a pleasurable way to waste a few martrons, for others, a crippling addiction, but for the spiritually advanced, an exciting and inexpensive substitute for traditional psychotherapies, DEGs are (next to games of chance) the most popular games going.

    Dream House, Erotica Ann’s

    Each new droid of the now quite rare Erotica Ann line came packaged in its (or her) own Dream House (though calling the small unit a house was, perhaps, being overly generous). Each very pink, heart-emblazoned package contained a full-sized closet/changing room and a foldout bed, flanked by five-sided mirrors. Though, at the time of this writing, the Erotica Ann Droid is a rare commodity indeed, the Dream Houses are seen everywhere, most having been obtained and converted into recreational vehicles by a division of United Free Trade Planets called Sex On Wheels, Ltd.

    Dromo Rustlers, Lyconian

    An incredibly mean, incredibly stupid life form, native to the planet Lycon, Lyconian Dromo Rustlers give new meaning to the word “disgusting.” Disgusting is their habit of beating, booting, eating or looting anything in sight. Disgusting is the fact that they can mate with anything. Disgusting is the fact that anything they mate with immediately becomes gravid with their young, who issue forth in great litters, often numbering 18 or more, to then devour the host-mother in a sickening display of near-adult behavior. The name Lyconian Dromo Rustlers was settled on these barely sentient beings due to their habit of impregnating and devouring Lyconian Dromo cows. (See: Lycon)