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  • Casino Cards

    Yet another version of the Gold Card® used by very wealthy patrons of the 483 (at this printing) Recreation Stations in our Galaxy, for the purpose of Walking On®. Casino Cards® were first issued by The Dome, Recreation Station 97, as a perk for their High Rollers. The cards are leased by The Dome from Swell’s Bells®, the company that developed this mode of transport and has guarded the technology fiercely for the last 89 cycles. The Dome defrays part of the tremendous cost of this service by placing their Walking On Depot® in the club’s Freebetters’ Room and allowing their customers to place bets on “who’ll materialize next.” It is doubtful that Walking On® will ever replace Krystal-driven starships as the primary means of transportation in the galaxy, as the cost is prohibitive.

    Chub Sprouts

    1) A chubby toddler or young child, 2) an innocent, 3) a newbie, 4) a “green” kid, one who, due either to age or inexperience, doesn’t know boots from banlons.

    Comet Cloister

    Possibly the most famous of all the Cosmic Veil’s cloisters, due to its part in the Amercadian Space Brigade Neutral Zone Fiasco of AE 134, Comet Cloister is reported to be the quietest of the Sisterhood’s many cloisters scattered about the more densely populated regions of the settled Multiverse. Unlike its sister cloisters, which are round in shape and small in size, Comet Cloister is quite spacious and houses the Veil’s Galactic Offices and the living quarters of Mother Amy Simple, Prime Mother of the religious order, as well as quarters of other Veil notables and well-appointed visitors’ rooms for honored guests. ILRLE Bajar is said to visit quite often.

    Comet Cloister Advertising Flyer

    Comet Cloister Advertising Flyer

    Cosmic Veil, Cloistered Order of the

    Of the myriad religions in the known Universe, the Cloistered Order of the Cosmic Veil is the only one with no splinter factions, hence, it is easily definable by its own tenets which are as follows: 1) The Mother is Paradox; Ever present and never there when you need Her, 2) Non-participation is the better part of action, 3) If the pond is illusion, then what are the ripples? 4) All things come to she who waits… and waits…and waits, 5) Confuse Karma; stand quite still and think of nothing. The Cosmic Veil’s cloisters, which are scattered about the more densely populated regions of the settled Multiverse, are round in shape, small in size, and packed full-to-bursting with pious sisters meditating in blissful union with the Void. Or so they say.
    The fact that novices are asked to donate all (or at least a good chunk) of their worldly possessions to the order has caused some critics to claim that the Cosmic Veil is simply a very lucrative business venture.

    Sister of the Cosmic Veil

    Sister of the Cosmic Veil

    Others call it a front for various criminal activities, though this has never been proven. Certain socioarcheologists have pointed to the similarities between the tenets of the Cosmic Veil and the tenets of the Daughters of the Drowning Isis, a fictional religion introduced in the best-selling Mind Spiders from the Planet Xenon, by the Hugo Award-winning author Ronnie Lee Ellis.

    Credits, Standard Galactic

    A standard currency used throughout the Galaxy and, indeed, throughout the civilized Multiverse, instituted to solve the problems inherent in trading between planets (their states, provinces and municipalities) that use varying local currencies. Under the old, unregulated system–really more of a free-for-all than a system–one bad financial apple could bring down an entire sector. (See: Bajar Shilling) However, the use of Standard Galactic Credits does not preclude the use of said local currencies, and natives of this planet or that will usually try and deal in the currency that gives them the better pay-off. Standard Galactic Credits are the usual unit of exchange used in property appraisals, whatever your zone or sector. They can be obtained from almost any currency exchange concern as both coin and promissory notes.

    Crown and Scepter, Ltd.

    The incorporated Family Bajar (descended from PAHM Bajar), its planets, palaces and holdings, as well as its several divisions and offshoots, including United Free Trade Planets, Inc., which is both an import/export business and the government of Seven Planets and its various colonies, outer territories, satellite worlds and mining operations. Ostensibly founded by GHMM Bajar, son of PAHM (see: Dictator, the Dread), but only on paper, the brain behind Crown and Scepter was that of RSVdG Bajar, a minor child at the time. The fact that GHMM Bajar met his death in an “iffy” boating accident less than a week after his son and successor came of age made headlines in the interglax noos and was a hot topic for holochats and docudramas of the day. RSVdG Bajar was subsequently cleared of any wrongdoing by the High Court of Seven Planets, a division of United Free Trade Planets, which was, in turn, a division of Crown and Scepter.

    Crown and Scepter Logo

    Crown and Scepter Logo